Thursday, December 04, 2008

Great Concert. Great Night!

Last night was an awesome night at East Side Baptist Church in Paragould. The Newsong Christmas Celebration tour came through with Newsong, Rush of Fools, Ayeisha Woods, and Chris Sligh. Some of you may not be familiar with these artists, but you may have seen or heard of them a time or two. Let me refresh your memory...
The picture below is of Chris Sligh. Chris was an American Idol finalist. He's know for his great music, his fro, and for making Simon Cowell look like an idiot on live TV. If you missed that clip, click here.
The picture below is Rush of Fools. To be honest, I think they stole the show! Rush of Fools was nominated for several 2008 Dove awards, including New Artists of the Year.You may have heard their song "Undo", but if not... click here.

It was great to chat with these guys backstage. They are from Alabama and remembered me from my days at WSFA. They were some really down-to-Earth guys.
And finally, we have Newsong. This 8-time Dove award winning band has been around for awhile and is known for their Christmas hit, Christmas Shoes. If you've listened to The Fox this week, you may have heard about the boy that won a chance to sing with Newsong. Below is a picture of his big night.

While the music was great and the production was spectacular, I have saved the coolest part for last! 19 people professed their faith in Christ and 14 people rededicated their life to Christ! That's the coolest part!
Have a great night!


Anonymous said...

That is awesome God gets the glory! I caught NewSong a year or so ago when they came to Central Baptist in Jonesboro. It was a great concert. I also saw them back in the day at Williams Baptist when I was a teenager. I'm looking forward to Casting Crowns next week at the Convo! Thanks for sharing this! This made my night!

Ryan said...

I'm ready to see Casting Crowns, too!

Donna F said...

We actually saw Chris Sly in New York City at Central Park back in March. He was out promoting his new album. We got to talk to him for a few minutes and he was just SUPER nice and down to Earth!

When we asked him if Simon was as 'mean' in person as he was on air, he just giggled and said, "The camera hides nothing." So we left it at that.