Friday, December 05, 2008

Basketball Rant & Rave

My WKU Hilltoppers are getting off to a great start this season. The men and women have had some impressive wins and the crowds have been spectacular! I think the University and the fans are really clicking when it comes to supporting the teams.

I guess that is my first rant. ASU needs to position themselves to have huge crowds at the men's and women's games. They also need to position themselves to play BIG games, including in-state powerhouses like Arkansas. For example, the WKU women played and beat Kentucky this week. As you can imagine, a game like that will bring in a huge crowd AND it was a home game (see below picture).

Also, the WKU men played and beat Georgia at home this week (above picture). Sure, WKU got this SEC home game because Coach Dennis Felton left WKU and he had to play there, but once again... The University put down the foundation to make great games like this to come to Diddle Arena at Western.

Even on a neutral court in Nashville, TN, WKU brought a big crowd as they took on an "In-State" powerhouse, Louisville. We beat the #3 team in front of a several thousand people.

And finally, the only night that the crowd did not look as impressive was the night before Thanksgiving against Southern Illinois University. The dorms were closed and it was a night that most people stay in or travel... yet, the crowd was still pretty good. Let me remind you that they were only playing SIU.Why am I ranting?

#1- The student athletes at A-State need your support and need more butts in the seats at the Convocation Center.

#2- The University needs to work harder to promote more butts in the seats.

#3- When the butts are in the seats, they need to watch an "In-State" game that is worth a flip (Arkansas).

For the record, I support ASU athletics when they are not playing WKU.

Am I off base here? What are your thoughts?



Anonymous said...

I guess you don't know about UA's ridiculous policy against playing in-state schools?

Ryan said...

I know the policy and UK has had similar thoughts in the past, but someone needs to do some lobbying. The squeeky wheel gets the oil.


UA would have nothing to gain in that "UA Vs A.S.U" game, and A.S.U would have everything to gain. UA will NEVER let this game happen. They get the players they want that are from Arkansas, and playing this game could put that in jeopardy. Arkansas will fill the stands be it A.S.U or Noboday Tech.

A.S.U NEEDS to recruit more local if they want to fill the stands. A.S.U let two great players go to U.A.L.R that they could have had. Now U.A.L.R is off to a great start this year led by two N.E.A players. This is one of the many reasons I just cant go to a A.S.U game. I would rather see a bunch of local boys play than a bunch of nobodys get beat I guess.JMO

Anonymous said...

the above comment is why most diehard stAte fans don't sweat not playing the pigs anymore....with that attitude it's not worth the fight

Jason said...

I wasn't trying to come off rude. I would like to see the game myself. I was just telling why the game won't happen.....A.S.U fans.:-P