Friday, December 12, 2008

Update On Next Week

Icing still looks possible on Monday Evening. However, the threat for severe weather is gone... completely. No shock I suppose. Next week is looking very active with numerous rounds of precipitation and tempertures occasionally nearing the freezing mark.

We had a conference call earlier today with the Paducah National Weather Service. They may issue a Winter Storm Watch late tomorrow for Monday's weather. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, it's going to get VERY windy tomorrow and especially Sunday.



robertrowland said...

Troop B is on alert for ICE!!!! I sent out my Weather Bob forecast this evening!!!

Cody - wx4svr said...

Ryan.. I'm in Louisville. I have read LMK's forecast discussion, but you can tell that they aren't sure either, as I think no one is. How do you feel about your friends more north and east of you all?

Anonymous said...

I call icing severe enough to get my attention and my frowns. I commute to work, so ice on the road means difficulty, danger or missing work. I also live out in the county, and if the ice interrupts the electric service, it means we have no heat and no easy way to get someplace warm. Either way, I would be happier not to have the ice at all.