Sunday, December 14, 2008

Watching For Ice

The above image should refresh to a current look of the weather. Everywhere I went today people asked if it was going to snow. Well... It's probably not going to snow, but icing is looking likely. I'm still expecting freezing rain and sleet to fall tomorrow through Tuesday. The changeover from rain to ice should come around mid-morning for a lot of us. Freezing rain advisories, winter storm watches and warnings have been issued. I would write more about the situation, but I'm going to rest up. It could be a long day or two for me.

Before I go... I hope we are dead wrong about this forecast. I can't stand ice!



Andrew said...

Ryan, I know how meteorologists hate to be wrong but in this case it will be completely understandable and acceptable, and you probably wont hear to much complaining about "hey where's my ice, you said it was going to ice everything up." I know it wouldn't bother me if you all were wrong! But were going to broadcast the web cam as long as we have power, I hope I don't have to go out and clean off the lens.

Heidi said...

It's sleeting & freezing-raining here - Rick just called & said his school is letting out early. 22 degrees!

Jason said...

More Sleet than freezing rain...started here about an hour ago. It is light, but won't take a whole lot. 27 here.

Anonymous said...

OK, let's make a deal. So, I understand it is winter and there seems to be some obligatiion to have frozen precip. How about we just have a light glaze and dust, enough for all to stay home from school and work a day, but not enough to pull down power lines? Deal?