Monday, January 26, 2009

Midnight Update

It still looks like temperatures are going to be critical! The NAM model is scaring me on it's past two runs. Both the 18Z and 0Z run show a ice storm of historical proportions (+1") and then 3-5" of snow on the backside. Once again, this is JUST one model and NOT a forecast, but worth noting.

If we climb to 33 degrees and stay there, this will be an all rain event! Temperatures mean everything, but I'd prepare for the worst case scenario at this time. This could be a nasty one.

Keep it tuned to Meteorologist Sarah Tipton tomorrow morning and I'm back on the tube tomorrow afternoon. I better go shave my mustache and goatee I grew on vacation!

Take care,


Ben Holcomb said...

Best of luck! Hope it doesn't turn out to be an inch or more. Hopefully you're far enough south to stay above 32!

Charles Loring said...

Good luck to you Ryan and to all out in the Jonesboro area. Even over here into Northern Middle TN we have the chance at some icing. Not 1"+, but we could see .25"...which is still not good.