Friday, January 16, 2009

Nashville Trip, Part #1

We're spending some time in Nashville this week. I'm trying to take the boys to several attractions while we're here.... most of which are educational!

We went to the Adventure Science Museum yesterday. You can learn about Space, rockets, the human body, music, light, and sound. They also have an toy excavator AND and amazing playground that goes up several floors... at the top, you can look across the Nashville skyline. It's awesome! Starring in this movie are my boys and my sister... my Dad may be in there, too! My wife is taking care of her mom this week. Enjoy the clip...

I hope everyone is staying warm! It's cold here, too!


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Vonavie said...

Weather update for you, 3:00 P.M. FRIDAY, Big flakes falling in Walcott area...

Glad you are having a nice vacation time. That museum looks like lots of fun for the kids. I'd like to take my kids some day. We used to frequent the Science Center in Phoenix when we lived out there.