Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nashville Trip, Part #2

Friday, I took the boys to The Aquarium in Nashville. We learned a little bit about sharks, fish in general, eels, and stingrays! The eel kind freaked me out, as you can see below.... He's just kind of spooky.
As I said, we also learned about stingrays and even fed them. When you get there, you have some trays of shrimps to feed them. I thought we just threw the shrimp in and watched them eat it off of the ground... I later learned differently! (That's meemaw holding my youngest boy)
They had glass windows around the side and occasionally the stingrays would swim sideways to say howdy.
Here's where I learned how the stingrays REALLY like to be fed. They can swim OUT of the water and take your shrimp! That was a surprise to me!!!

Anywho, we're visiting family over the weekend and then it's back to field trips on Monday. On Monday, we're going to the Discovery Center, which looks really cool! In the meantime, we're watching some football today!


PS- We went to a car show yesterday and I met a guy from Brookland, AR. He had two cars on display. Small world, huh?

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robertrowland said...

Lisa and I have been in Nashville since Sunday and we got to see it SNOW!!!!! We have had a great time and go home Wednesday!!

Robert Rowland