Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Severe Next Week?

We've been in chatting in the storm center about the pattern change coming next week. The good news is that we will be warmer, but the bad news is that we have a risk of severe weather. For those of you that keep up with severe weather and it's parameters, the GFS model is showing CAPE over 1000 next week. That's pretty impressive, especially this time of the year.
The graph below gives a nice overview of the situation and shows the warmup (red line), the instability (lower red/yellow line), and the rain for next week. Even if the weather does not become severe, the threat for heavy rain is looking more likely.
We're not alone in our thinking. The SPC has also highlighted our area in their long range outlook. Check it out by clicking here. I know that severe weather is the last thing that we need, but we'll watch it.



MrsRobbieD said...

On a lighter note..Happy Weatherman's Day.

robertrowland said...

Any new info on this Ryan "the king" weatherman?? Thanks