Monday, March 02, 2009

PROOF That My Hair is Safe (for now)

A few of you have emailed me and called me about a comment I made on February 19th regarding the Almanac. I told everyone that the rumors of a SECOND ice storm worse than the first was not true. The Almanac said nothing about a second ice storm, especially not one worse than the first! (SEE VIDEO ABOVE)

On that night, I said that IF we have an ICE storm worse than the first one, I would shave my head. I did not say we would not see any more wintry weather. In fact, I already had a little snow in the forecast on the following Saturday (2 Saturdays ago)

There is a BIG difference between a Major Ice Storm and a Snow Storm. For one, we all still have our power and our trees! If you want to confirm my claim, talk to a someone who works for a utility company!

I stand by my comment. If there is an ice storm this season WORSE than the one we had, I will shave my head. In fact, I could almost say that we will not see an ice storm like that for years! It's that rare.

I think Trey Stafford has made this confusion worse! THANKS TREY!


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Marty said...

Actually, you said "before the end of the month". That was in February so you are safe now even if there is another ice storm.

OBTW, great call your team did on forecasting that ice storm. Well done.