Sunday, March 01, 2009


Our family went sledding today. Well, I chose not to sled, but everyone else did... Including my father-in-law! We found a great hill, but I'm going to keep that spot a secret!
Check out this picture of my wife throwing a snowball at me. Cool shot, huh?!?!
Don't worry, that's not the color of my son's hair... it's a hat!


mom said...

Oh what an awesome hill (combined with a perfect amount and texture of snow) ya'll discovered!!!
I'd guess it's like a secret fishing spot; keep the location secret and go there asap next time, too...right?
Here's to God-Given rollercoasters
complete with soft landings and, best of all, no tickets required!
Oh Yeah...Love,Mom/Meemaw

Anonymous said...

Are Benny and Sheral living in Arkansas now? Last I heard they were in FL. Did Katrina scare them off? Tell them HI from The Fisher kids from Woodmont! :)

Ryan said...

Melanie! (I'm assuming!)... Good to se you on here! Yes, they live here and have started there Ministry. Here's the link, you can contact them here:

Shoot us an email!

Anonymous said...

Love the hat on your little guy. Where did you find it??


Ryan said...

His Gracie Jo made that. Hilarious huh?!?!