Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tropical Depression 2 Again...

After appearing to die yesterday, TD #2 has come alive again and may be our first named storm of the season by tomorrow evening. Whether it is named or not, many of the models bring this system into The Bahamas on Wednesday as a rainmaker. This could become a rainmaker for folks in Florida, too. If you click on the image below to get a larger look, you will notice the various tracks from various models. We call this a spaghetti plot. If TD2 takes a more southerly route, TheTurks and Caicos will see some rain and wind. Maybe even Paradise Island in The Bahamas... If it takes a northerly track, many of these spots will see just a fringe impact. Regardless, TD#2 is not expected to bea hurricane. This is good, because I love The Bahamas and I don't like it when Willy-Willys miss with them!
Now, let's talk about the system right behind TD#2. This storm may actually beat TD#2 and be named first. We'll have to see... It is showing signs of being much larger and much stronger. Lots of guidance suggests this one could become a hurricane. Look at the spaghetti plots on this storm...

Notice on the closer inspection that many of the models take it to the East Coast, but some take it into the Gulf of Mexico. This is one that will be watched closely over the next week. It should be at least 10 days before it makes any contact with the US.
Once again, this will be coming along the same areas as TD#2. We'll watch and see if it goes into the Gulf of Mexico. If it does, it could impact our weather... Latest GFS has it coming into the Gulf and hitting Panama City... not good.
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