Friday, August 14, 2009

Tropical Troubles Soon?

The tropics are heating up and as we learned last year with Ike and Gustav, we need to track these storms! If you recall, parts of Arkansas saw 10-15" of rain from Gustav and winds over 70 mph with Ike. Ike probably caused some of the worst problems in Region 8 last year, minus the Super Tuesday tornado.

This year, we have yet to see a named storm in the Tropics, but the first one may be a doozy. IF the strongest wave out in the Atlantic is named first, "Ana" would be something to watch over the next 10-14 days. This first image is a MODEL...NOT A FORECAST. As you see, it is taking a hurricane into the northern Gulf of Mexico. IF this happened... we would be impacted. Keep reading below...

So, once it goes inland, it COULD come straight into Region 8. IF this happened, we would see some heavy rain and wind. We should not worry yet though... this is pretty far out. Keep reading below...
IF this were to occur (or something similar), it would be sometime around August 24-26'ish time period.

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