Sunday, September 27, 2009

40s Returning To Region 8?

For the first time since May 20th, it appears we will see some 40s in Region 8 this week. Here's the 0Z (Evening) model run of the NAM in BUFKIT. Timestamp goes from right to left. I have the tempertures (Red) , dewpoints (Green) and clouds plotted. There are a couple of things to see.

First, the sharp drop off on the green line indicates a large drop on the dewpoint when a cold front moves through. Humidity is going to drop quickly and the windows can be raised for fresh, fall air!!!

Next, notice the red line as it drops into the 40s! With clear skies and dry air, the temperatures are going to drop fast at night. I made the 50° line blue to help you see the drop off. Highs may stay below 70°.

I hope you enjoy this first taste of fall! Open some windows and take in thefresh air! It's going to be nice for the next few days!


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