Monday, September 28, 2009

150 Years of Jonesboro!

You may have noticed today that I am sharing some old photos of Jonesboro on the news in celebration of 150th year of the city. I'm having a great time showing these pictures and I hope you are enjoying them as well.
I've always been a fan of old pictures and I like to find buildings that are still there. Take a look at these pictures and you'll see several landmarks that are still downtown!
There are several more pictures to show you this week! I look forward to showing more on Region 8 News at 5:00 and 6:00... and maybe 10:00.

Have a great night!


PS- Do you have any old photos of Jonesboro? Email them to me at

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Karen H. said...

I remember Jonesboro looking like that in the 2nd picture. I remember going to Jonesboro every December when I was a little girl to watch the Christmas Parade. It was always much colder back then and that made it feel more like Christmas. But that was years ago. I don't have any pictures from back then myself. My Mom may have but who knows where they maybe at. LOL. I just loved the weather yesterday. Was a bit on the cool side for me last night. We had our National Night Out here in Caraway, AR last night. It was scheduled a couple of weeks ago, but got rained out. Last night was perfect for it. Also, Lepanto, AR will be having their 73rd Annual Terrapin Derby this coming Saturday-October 3, 2009. It is also Lepanto's 100th Birthday as well. I plan on taking some pictures and may post some of them next weekend sometime. Sure hope the weather is perfect for the festivities in Lepanto on Saturday as well. Have a great week Ryan.

Karen Horton,
Caraway, AR