Thursday, October 29, 2009

Record Breaking Rainfall!!!

It's not even November and we are the 8th wettest year on RECORD! The HPC (Hydrological Prediction Center) is forecasting 5"+ of rain across Region 8 over the next 48 hours. If that happens, we will go up to #3 and maybe even #2. As of right now, we are at 61.50" Here's the Top 10 Wettest years on record:

1. 72.18" 1957
2. 66.35" 1937
3. 65.39" 1973
4. 65.33" 1906
5. 64.21" 1898
6. 63.75" 1927
7. 62.19" 1945
8. 59.18" 1923
9. 55.73" 1921
10. 55.38" 1970

Stay Dry!

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Karen H. said...

Good Morning Ryan. Let's sing this morning: ROW, ROW, ROW, YOUR BOAT, GENTLY DOWN THE STREAM.!!!! Know where we can buy some wood real cheap to start building an Ark? I know it's not funny, but hey, you have got to get thru it one way or the other. I emptied my Rain Gauge here at home this morning before it started raining again and from the rain the other day, we got 2 and 3/4 inches of rain here in Caraway. I'm curious now as to what we will end up with this round. Hope you have a great day and stay dry. Be safe out on the roads as well.

Karen Horton
Caraway, AR
FYI: I just had to go out in the rain and check my Rain Gauge and as of right now at 11:10a.m., it shows just a little over 1/2 inch of rain and it's still coming down. Had to do this just for my favorite Weather Man.