Saturday, October 17, 2009

Things That Rock!

I often use the terminology that something "rocks". When I say something rocks, I mean it is cool... it is awesome.. it changes lives.. it puts a smile on faces... it helps... it may even show the awesomeness of God. Let's think of "rocks". They are tough. They stick around for awhile. They are not easily broken. They have endurance.

So, with that said. I went outside as the sun was coming up this morning. (The sun is that big bright ball that use to be in the sky.) As I stepped out to hand my wife some water. I saw three things that rocked.

#1- The sunshine. It rocks! It is vitally important right now. Farmers are falling on their face during one of the wettest years on record! Seeing the sun  ROCKS!

#2- A "sale pending" sign. I guess I could say that selling my house rocks, BUT what rocks even more is God's plan. God has a cool plan for my family that I would rather not disclose at this time, but it ROCKS. Don't read into that, because you won't figure anything out. I'll share someday. But believe me, it ROCKS.

#3- I then saw my wife running down the road. She's on about mile 10 or 11 of 12 miles today. She ROCKS on so many levels! She's tough. She has endurance (she puts up with me!). She changes lives. She puts smiles on faces. She has all of the characteristics of something that ROCKS. By the way, she's been training for a race and has done an AWESOME job.

So what rocks in your life? Hopefully a lot of things ROCK. If not, get some rocks in your life. Jesus called Simon by a different name.... Peter. The name Peter comes from "Petra" or Πέτρα or Rock. For the record, Peter rocked too.

Have a great Saturday,


Karen H. said...

I sure hope we aren't fixing to lose you again Ryan. You and the rest of the KAIT8 Storm Team Rocks!!!! I can always count on yall when there is Severe Weather and anything else that we need to know about. Hope you and your Family have a Blessed Sunday.

Karen Horton
Caraway, AR

Anonymous said...

It all rocks, especially the KAIT8 Storm Team. Glad that the "sale pending" sign on your house rocks, but sure hope that you are not leaving!! KAIT 8 would not be the same without you!1

Graciejo said...

That wife of yours is one of the most incredible women I know. If there is anything close to perfect it would be her. She touches everybody she meets with her smile and her kindness, and her spirit. She doesn't have to tell people about her God her faith shines in her. You and those boys and all of us are truly blessed to have her.

Graciejo said...

PS...I love that running picture of my baby girl! It rocks that both my daughters are runners and will be running together for the first time, in Memphis ...with their Dad!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy you on KAIT8 but if you get a chance to go on to bigger and better things well that rocks too. We can always keep up with you on your blog.

mom/meemaw said...

Just got to read this and yes,I agree on all the levels...this is another one of my "favorites" on your blog.