Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Want Some Sunshine!

We all want a little sunshine. Unfortunately, it may not come for a few days. There is this weird belief that weathermen control the weather. It's either a weird belief or a joke that has been passed down from generation to generation. Belief me, If I controlled the weather, a few things would be true:

  • It would be sunny and 75° today.
  • I'd be rediculously rich.
  • We would never have ice storms.
  • I'd take bribes for snow from kids and teachers.
So when will we see a substantial amount of sunshine again? Not "peaks" of sunshine, but full, bright, "put a smile on your face" sunshine? According to the data, it may be several days before we see some good sunshine. The whites and grays indicate "clouds" on BUFKIT. We use BUFKIT to chew up data for us. It's great and everything, but I'm not sold on its "cloud" feature. If you notice, it has us clearing out late on Friday, before "Football Friday Night". Not so fast though...

If I turn off the "clouds" and turn on the Relative Humidity, then I notice something that needs to be watched this time of the year. It's HARD to get the clouds to move out in the Fall. That's just how it is. Do you see the shades of red carrying over into the weekend in the image below??? That very well may be some clouds persisting through the weekend.

If we start to see a little sunshine, it will promote MORE sunshine. We just need to get the atmosphere stirred up a bit.

With that said, it's a tough forecast. Will we see clouds or clearing? If we clear out, how much warmer will that make the temperatures? Regardless, it will still be a little chilly!


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