Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Boys Are Getting Old!

My oldest boy turned 7 this week and my youngest turned 5. I can't believe how fast they are growing. Two or three times over the past month I have heard people comment that they have never heard, "Man... I spent too much time with my kids as they were growing up". It never happens. It makes me feel guilty when I hear people with grown kids makes comments like that. I hope I am doing right!

My boys are awesome. Smart, well behaved, athletic young boys... (It's my blog and I can brag and say what I want!) I just hope that I have no regrets when they leave the home one day. I hope I feel like I spent time with them. I hope that I feel like I raised them in a Christian home. I hope they are good citizens of the community, servants of God, and men that carry integrity and honor. I hope they become great fathers and even better husbands.

I've written about Rick Burgess on my blog before. Rick is the DJ in Alabama that lost his young son in a pool accident. During the funeral, he looked over at the rest of his kids' and said that he no longer hopes and worries about the worldly achievements they may have in life, whether it involves schooling, sports, etc... He says that a as parents, our only job is to teach their kids about God, Jesus, and the principles and rules of the Lord. Everything else will fall in place.

Pray that I take that to heart.

For Fun, Go look at my at blog from December 2004:  Scroll down and look at the days when George was born. I WISH was blogging when Shad was born, too... Oh well. Can you believe the blog has been around since 2004!

Have a great weekend,


Anonymous said...

What a grea blog. I think you and Jennifer are great parents. You, both have raised two very good, respectable, polite boys and I believe they will grow up to be strong men of GOD. You have taught them well! We are very proud grandparents!!! nana

Anonymous said...

I'm due in April with my first its gonna be a girl! All i hear is people talking about how they grow up too fast and spend as much time possible with them while you have the chance. All every parent can hope for is their little ones is the best.I'm sure you did great in raising them! You've always sounded like a great parent!

Beth Johnson said...

Funny, I have been reading this blog since it started. I think you were the first person I had heard of that had a blog. I remember the post about George being born.

Keep up the good work with your boys. Live out Deut. 6 for them.

Kerry F said...

Time is never kind when it comes to the ones we love.

Doing the job I do, I see all to often the time cut short.

I'll tell you what I NEVER hear:

1) I should have spent more time in the office
2) I'm sure glad I never settled that stupid old argument with my [Fill in the blank]
3) Crack cocaine[or drug of choice] has made my live so much better!
4) Glad I never told so and so I loved them more

I make a point of ending each conversation with those I love by saying the words "I love you". You never know when it will be the last time. I can say for a fact the last words my Grandmother ever heard from me were I, love and you

mom/meemaw said...

I am blessed beyond measure that my grandchildren have the very best parents that any grandmother could have wishes for; but so many folks have to worry and wonder about their grandchildren.
I hope everyone in a community watches out and does little kindnesses for those children who are neglected.