Monday, February 08, 2010

Here We Go Again

Whether you call it Snowmageddon II or my favorite, Snowtorious B.I.G., another round of snow is coming into Region 8. As always, the rain/snow line is going to be VERY close and some places in Region 8 will see mostly rain. For the areas that stay all snow, they could see 5-10" again. In the latest data, it appears Central Arkansas (near Little Rock) may get hit a lot harder than their current forecast suggests.

Here's the deal. The forecast is TOUGH. I think there will be a "sweet spot" line up from Jonesboro to Little Rock... and in that sweet spot, so places may see 8-10". It's still a wait and see situation, but the data coming in tonight looks very snowy.

If you live closer to the I-40 areas in Eastern AR, your totals may be held down because of rain mixing in.

The graph below is the latest data straight from the models using the Cobb Algorithm.

Grease Up The Sleds again!


Weather Bob said...

I have heavy snow at 3:15am and 30 degrees here at my house! Several accidents already in White County.. Robert Rowland

Weather Bob said...

4.00" of Snow here so far and 30.4 degrees. Light snow still falling! RR

Josh Waters said...

Around 3 inches fell here in Russellville last night and between 1-1:30 a.m. i saw the heaviest snow i've ever seen! Snowflakers were as big as dollar bills!!!

Donny said...

Good morning Mr.Ryan- I have a snowfall total of 5 inches in Jacksonville since 1 in the morning with 3 of those inches occuring at 2 in the morning where a 50 dbz set over us for an hour