Saturday, February 06, 2010

Snow on Monday?

Data continues to suggest some issues on Monday. "Somebody" will see a good bit of snow, but "where" is still in question. While the data shows a changeover to rain after a couple of inches of snow, I honestly think some places will see all snow. This is a forecast sounding for Jonesboro and the green bars indicate us switching to rain. I don't buy it. It think Jonesboro may switch to some sleet, but I'm not sold on us switching to rain. Our new SkyCam in Hardy may come in REALLY handy on Monday!
When and where it does snow, it could be heavy. With BUFKIT, we can look at where the snow growth regions will be located and when... We can also look at the "lift" in the atmosphere. Red contours show the lift and the yellow contours show the optimal places for snow to form. Just looking over the data shows some signs of another good snowfall in parts of region 8.

I'm sticking with my 2-4" for Jonesboro, but higher amounts NW into areas like Hardy, Mtn. View, and Salem.

We'll watch it,


Anonymous said...

Ryan I just wanted to thank you for everything u do~ I check ur tweets and blog daily

Josh Waters said...

As Do I! Thanks for all the extra time and effort you put into by tweeting and blogging even when you don't have to! It's really helpful to be prepared!!!