Thursday, February 04, 2010

Winter Is Not Over

As I type this, a wintry mix is falling outside. No concerns today. Temperatures are above freezing and it should change to all rain soon. The above graph from BUFKIT oddly goes from right to left. While I am not too concerned about today's storm, I do have a growing concern for Monday.

First off, it does not appear to be as bad as last week. While I don't like to pin down accumulations this far out, the potential exists for a 2-4" snowfall across parts of Region 8 on Monday. Once again, we are right on the line. Places along I-40 may get more rain than snow. If this storm shifts north or south, then the rain/snow line will shift too.

The model above is the 6Z GFS. To my surprise the GFS has done remarkably well for our region this Winter. Let's see if it keeps up... Typical El Nino year for us!

We'll be tracking it closely!

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