Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Heavy Rain & Storms Coming Soon

We have a stormy pattern setting up across Region 8. One thing that looks certain is RAIN... and possibly a lot of it. The above image shows the total accumulation as indicated by the 12Z NAM theough the next 84 hours. Yes, that is showing 3" of rain in parts of Region 8. That's a lot of rain and hopefully it does not all come at once, but we need the rain and that's ok. So, will we see severe weather?

I'm still not sold on an "outbreak" of severe weather. Sure, we may have watches and warnings, but I'm not so sure about widespread problems in Region 8. The main reason is timing. VERY close call... Storms will be much stronger East of the Mississippi River. I believe the "most" unstable part of the storm will occur on Saturday morning at daybreak. It's hard to have significant severe storms that early in the day. It can happen, but it's not too common.

We'll keep a close watch on the storm system and will continue to keep you posted. Meteorologist Justin Logan will be here through the weekend tracking the storms. I'll be in Nashville, TN cheering on my wife, her family, and meteorologist Sarah Tipton in the Music City Marathon and Half Marathon. I know we have a lot of local people in the race. Be aware that it is going to be stormy there, too! The officials at the MCM say they have a plan in the event of severe weather.


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