Thursday, April 22, 2010

Marathons and Severe Weather!

This Saturday there is a HUGE Marathon and Half Marathon in Nashville, TN. Many people in Region 8 are travelling there to run in or specate the Music City Marathon and Half Marathon. My wife, sister-in-law, father-in-law, & bother-in-law are all running in it. ALSO, meteorologist Sarah Tipton will be running it!

Here's the problem! The Storm Prediction Center has Nashville in a risk zone for severe weather! I asked the MCM officials on Twitter about their rain plan and their severe weather plan and this was their response:

@ryanvaughan #CMM will go on rain or shine! In regards to lightening, we always err on the safe side and have a contingency plan in place!

I'm interested to see what happens. Can you imagine 30,000 people running in severe weather? NOGOOD!Hopefully it stays day! Follow the Nashville WX Blog on my list of links for continuing coverage of Nashville's weather.



Angie said...

Good luck to you all!!! Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Hey man, why don't you plan your vacations when the weather is nice. You left us high and dry here this weekend with the storms. Seems like your gone more and more all the time. I hardly ever see you doing the weather anymore. Whats the deal?

Ryan said...

Ha... that's a funny comment considering I took one day off to cheer for my wife... but anywho, judging by the damage... I think we made it out ok.