Sunday, May 02, 2010

Storm Surveys

Hey everyone, tomorrow I'm going to do a big write up on the weekend tornadoes, but I really just feel like sitting down with my wife to watch TV instead of looking at more radar images. In the meantime, look over this damage surveys from the NWS in Little Rock. I'm waiting to hear on the other surveys from the Memphis office. The most destructive is an EF3 in Jackson County:

See you tomorrow,


Chrystal said...

Bless your heart, Ryan. I can only imagine how tired you and the rest of the news crew get after watching storms and reading radar for hours on end, but I just want to say Thank You for it. I, myself, am completely TERRIFIED of storms, but it is comforting to be able to watch you all on constant coverage just to keep us all safe. It makes us all feel like you are hanging in there with us. Thanks again and keep up the good work! Now, get some rest! You have done a great job! -Chrystal B.
Newport, AR

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the extensive coverage this weekend...makes it less scary for those of us who live alone and out in the middle of nowhere. I think you deserve some time to just unwind with your family!