Saturday, July 24, 2010

A 1" rainfall?

I always hear that a 1" rainfall is worth millions of $$$ here in Region 8. If that's the case, we "may" see a nice financial treat within the next few days. The remnants of Bonnie coupled with a front moving in from the north will provide us with better rain chances. We can never guarentee anything, but the latest NAM computer model shows a 1" rainfall for a a good chunk of Region 8.

Here's the deal... If rain really helps a farmer out, then they should dance in the rain. If it rains on your farm, I want some pictures of happy people! Send them to me at and I'll show them on TV...

Enjoy your weekend!


Marty Mac said...

Got about 2.4 inches of rain in Sage Meadows in a little over an hour today, the 26th.

Karen H. said...

I talked to my Dad, who lives in Lepanto, AR, this morning and he said they got 1.5 inches of Rain last night. Not sure how much we got here in Caraway, but everything is muddy outside. So glad we got some more much needed Rain.