Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rain & Wind Update

Most of the rain has moved out and many areas were left with a good dose of rainfall! The above image is an estimate of the rain that fell as the storms rumbled through last night. As you can see, they were falling apart as they moved through, so from Mississippi County to Cross County, there was less rainfall. As the storms were decaying, they "collapsed" and the wind kicked up a little. I've had reports of pool chairs and lawn chairs blown around. Even a tree blown over in the Ozarks.

Despite a little wind, the National Weather Service made a good call on NOT issuing a warning. We have GOT to lower the "False Alarm Rate" so that we are not crying wolf. For a storm to be severe, the winds have got to be at 58 mph or above or have hail at 1" in diameter or above. I have seen no eveidence of either so far this morning. The highest wind gusts recorded was Hardy at 42 mph, Walnut Ridge at 48 mph, and Jonesboro at 46. Close, but no cigar. (What's that saying really mean?)

As far as rain goes, here are some reports:

Walnut Ridge: 0.57"
Jonesboro: 0.28"
Blytheville: 0.12"

Last night, I was concerned that we we were getting a lot more rain than we had in the forecast, but as you can, most locations were under 1"... if not 0.50". I'm still happy with the forecast.

Have a great day,


Andrew Sloan said...

Yes NWS made a good call not issuing any warnings, max wind gust here was 44 MPH we also received .57" or rain. We have plenty of leaves and pine needles on the ground along with a few small branches. When I get out this morning if there are any bigger branches or tree damage I will tweet photos.

Tim said...

I believe that "Close, but no cigar." originated with carnivals. back in the day when you played carnival games at the fair or other type event, a cigar was the prize. Therefore, if you lost the carny would bark "Close, but no cigar"!

Karen H. said...

I had no idea it was evening storming. We lost power here in Caraway around 2:15a.m and it was out until around 4:45a.m. I did hear it rain real hard for a while as well and heard the wind blowing some. I just stayed in bed and never got up. Keep up the great work. Really do appreciate everyone at KAIT8.

Karen Horton
Caraway, AR