Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cool Down Next Week?

There have been some indications of a cool-down for next week, but the forecast will be a little tricky. It would be nice if all of the data matched up, but they doesn't. The forecast really hinges on the track of an upper-level low. The above image is the "Euro" model at 500 mb depicting the upper-low in Eastern Kentucky (click to enlarge). Yesterday, the Euro had the low more over Region 8, so it will probably waffle a little over the next few days. Here's another model...
As you can see, this model has the low much farther west. It's the GFS model. The closer we are to this low, the cooler it will be... for two reason. First off, it draws in a cool pool of air. Second, it provides cloud cover. Some models are showing highs near 80 and some show highs only in the 60s.

At this point, we have lowered the highs in the 7 Day Forecast on Monday and Tuesday into the mid 70s. We'll have to wait to see just where this low sets up, if it sets up at all.

Stay tuned,


Dan Satterfield said...

Those are gorgeous graphics Ryan. WXC or WSI?
It's amazing how wild the GFS has been the last few days. This pattern is giving it fits. The ECM has been much more consistent.

Ryan said...

Thanks Dan. Its Weather Central. For Alabama's sake I hope the Euro is wrong... It seems I saw a monster in the Gulf for next week lurking about. I hope all is well in Huntsville. Keep Denise in line! She's my former nd. ;)