Friday, November 19, 2010

Going Cold Turkey

We have a nice weekend ahead with highs well into the 60s and lots of sunshine, but changes are coming! The above map is the "Euro" model for next Wednesday. Notice the big blob of "cold colors" diving south. That's our big chill for Thanksgiving! We'll struggle to even get into the 40s for highs after seeing some 70s on Monday! As you know, there has to be some rain during this transition and you are RIGHT!

LOOK at the 5 day QPF (Rainfall) Forecast from the HPC (Hydrological Prediction Center). This forecast ends at daybreak on Wednesday and it will STILL be raining! Yes, that shows 1.75" of rain by Wednesday morning. And we will likely see another good dose on Wednesday.

I hope this plays out. We need to fill the fields for duck hunting! I hope to duck hunt much more this year...

Have a great week!

PS- for those that have heard snow rumors for Thanksgiving... don't buy it... yet.

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shelly hollis said...

It will be nice to see the rain that we so desperately need and the cold air coming in to help bring the holiday spirits alive. On the otherhand, I am praying that our holiday travelers don't run into any severe weather as this transition occurs. Thanks for the blog post and for always keeping region 8 veiwers in the loop. It makes me feel safe knowing that the Region8 storm team is there to help keep us safe and up to date.