Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Emotions Do Not Impact The Weather

Occasionally I get emails like the one I got this morning:

We in the hills are sure glad that there wasn't any rain for the high school
football games and ASU's Saturday game will be dry.  We sure are glad that
you get so giddy that the games will be dry.  We sure are glad even though
we are dying up here, that all is well and dry for the football fans.
(Name Removed)

Here's the deal folks; my personal preferences for outdoor events have zero impact on the weather. I can't create rain by going on air and speaking about how much I love rain in the hills. If I could, I would be a rich man. We knew the rain would come through this morning and would not last long. If the rain is going to come through and be gone by kickoff, I'm going to mention that. In fact, I'm going to the game and I'm quite happy that I will not be sitting in the rain.

Oh well, I got a good chuckle out of it AND a morning blog post. Have a GREAT day...enjoy the dry afternoon.


PS-I know they were speaking about the lack of Apathy, but keep in mind... concrete companies, construction companies, and home builders have loved the drought.


Anonymous said...

Admit it, Vaughan. You control the weather. :)

Vonavie said...

I'm sure you would be out doing your rain dance around the fire ring if Greene County weren't under burn ban.