Thursday, November 11, 2010

Timing Of Saturday's Rain

Since it was brought up in the comments section, let's talk about the timing of the rainfall on Saturday. I've been mentioning that I believe the rain will be east of us by the time ASU and WKU kickoff, but I have not mentioned the Veteran's Day Parade. Well, to be transparent... there is a better chance of rain during the parade than the football game. I don't want to mention that threat two days out, because I don't want people to cancel their plans 48 hours out. Things can change!

The above image is our "in-house" computer model showing what radar "may" look like on Saturday morning at 10AM. Notice, the threat of rain does exist for the Veteran's Day Parade. With that said, this is a model. It can be off either direction by an hour or two. We'll be watching it closely.

Don't cancel your plans just yet... Just check radar on Saturday morning. The line should be light and will not last long. Also... the rain chances for next week appear to be dropping with every piece of data that comes in!


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