Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ice Update

This is a little nugget of data that uses the Cobb Algorithm to decide the precipitation type using the NAM model from this evening. A few things to note when you click the image to enlarge:

  • The hours surrounded with a red line are the hours noted with freezing rain.
  • The areas in green are the hours noted with plain ole rain
  • The yellow area is the temperature column.
  • The blue is the "total" QPF or total precipitation.
The main thing I want you to take from this chunk of data is the worst case scenario. First, notice that even when the temperature is about freezing, it is BARELY above 32. As mentioned in the previous post, models have a hard time predicting how long the cold, dense air will stick around. We could easily be  freezing the entire time. That's why I circled the blue area. The "total" is the worst case scenario. If  we stay below freezing and get 0.30" of freezing rain, we will be very slick! With that much ice, we could even have some power issues, BUT nothing like the big ice storm.

There are still a ton of questions with this storm and still some signs that the moisture may be much lower. Therefore, it's a good idea to stay up to date on the latest information!


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Jason H said...

Tired of these small systems. Bring on Winter Storm Warnings, Heavy Snow Warnings, Ice Storm Warnings, Blizzard Warnings...