Monday, December 20, 2010

Could WE Have A White Christmas?

The short answer to this is... maybe. It's not likely, but a "weak" maybe will do for now. First off, what is a White Christmas to you? Is it one inch of snow? Is it a dusting? Is it flurries? We had a dusting of snow on the ground as we opened presents in Nashville (Murfreesboro) this past weekend. We considered it a White Christmas because we are southern and we can call it whatever we want... even if it was December 17th! But what about CHRISTMAS! See maps...
The above map is the GFS from this morning. It shows the bulk of the precipitation during the days on Friday and the rain/snow line "just" north of Region 8. In fact, some of our fringe counties may see some accumulation based on this data. Anyone traveling north? See map:
Now, the European model gets us a little more excited.... This is Friday night. Low is well south of us and the rain/snow line is in Arkansas! This map is from the Accuweather Pro site. Great site for Euro data.
If this played out, I would at least expect a dusting for parts of Region 8 on Christmas morning.

One last note... This is the most optomistic. The GEM puts 1-2" of snow on us by Christmas morning:

Too early to tell right now, but we'll see.

Stay tuned!

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Jason H said...

IF Conditions come together perfect for Friday-Friday night, what would be the most snow we could see out of this system?