Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm Pretty Much Sold...

I'm pretty much sold on the fact that we will not see much... if anything. A dusting is still possible, but without the merging of the northern and southern branches of energy, we're not going to get a big snow. Flakes will fly, some may panic a little over a dusting, but in the end... it will be weak. I think StormCAST has a pretty good grasp of the GREAT CHRISTMAS EVE DUSTING!
As mentioned earlier, we really need the upper-low (bullseye in TX) to the south to merge with the big "U" sliding in from the north. As you can see in the bottom image... the NAM still takes it south as well as other models:
Oh well... I guess there is still some time for this to change, but at this point, don't count on it.

Now, we start watching a strong storm that may develop near New Year's Eve! Severe weather? We'll see...


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