Friday, December 31, 2010

Region 8 Did Well

Fatal storms were seen west and north of us and severe storms are ongoing south of us... Overall, Region 8 did very well with only a couple of strong wind reports. As mentioned in the previous blog post, the ingredients just split as the storm moved into Region 8. Here are the storm reports as of 5:00 PM:
I'm still watching North MS. Remember, StormCAST had their weather getting nasty around 8PM. Seems possible...

Take care and HAPPY NEW YEAR! We're having a Wii Party at our house!


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Donny said...

ya region 8 did get lucky so did the rest of arkansas it could have been alot worse if the low went straight east instead of the blizzard conditions it produced it could have possibly been worse then super tuesday- the special 17z sounding out of lzk showed MLcapes of 1500 j/kg!!!