Sunday, January 02, 2011

2010, A Personal Look Back

I'll admit that I don't have the best memory in the world, but like many of you, I've been reflecting back on 2010.  The high point for me was being in Oklahoma with Vortex2 on May 10th for the big tornado outbreak.That was very eye-opening and educational. My low point was my wife's car accident. Fortunately, God is in control and everything went as well as it could have in that situation. Glancing over each month... this is what stands out:

January: Haiti Earthquake and a pretty big snow in Region 8 near the end of the month.

February: Chile Earthquake and another big snow in Region 8. ALSO, one day all 50 states had some snow on the ground!

March: Some severe weather across the area including a tornado in Doniphan and some hail in Jonesboro.

April: Some storm damage in Marmaduke and a tornado at Big Lake and we had video!

May: Big Tornado Outbreak in OK. I was there with Vortex2

June: My family and I are on the beach when The Oil Spill slams Gulf Shores. Big history lesson for my boys.

July: Can't think of anything? I know I'm missing something!

August: New weather graphics and an entire overhaul of weather computers at KAIT!

September: My wife's car accident. Not fun.

October: Earthquakes in Guy, AR start ramping up!

November: Had my first White Thanksgiving! It was in Fort Leonardwood...

December: Lots of birthdays in our family! Plus, we began a new personal venture for our family... and of course, the tornadoes from Western AR stick out from New Year's Eve.

That's not an official year in review... It's just what is off of the top of my head. I hope all of you have a great 2011!

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pmarsh said...

Hahaha, I think I remember reading about the snow in all 50 states...

Donny said...

I know what your missing in July 11th- there was a tornado-it was in Arkansas County I believe- unfortuantly when I was chasing it with my dad we got to wrapped up in rain- would you like me to email you the pictures I took from July 11th?

Ryan said...

Not according to the SPC:

Do you have a pic of a tornado?

Also, that's not in our viewing area so it would not stand out too well. :)

Ryan said...

There's not even a wind damage report from Arkansas County on that date.

Donny said...

heres the write-up on the event in July it was a very brief tornado near Slovak rated EF-1 but I don't have a picture of it- but on our way back to Little Rock I have a picture of an absolutely gorgeous supercell with feeder bands and the entire updraft all centered- and either a gustnado/weak tornado or dust being kicked up it was to brief

Ryan said...

Ahha... EF0 out of my viewing area. That would escape my memory in a week or two. Am I getting old? LOL

Donny said...

nope not all Heidi still says you rock in region 8 and that's good enough for me!! heres the pictures in my flickr account if your interested