Thursday, January 27, 2011

Read The Warnings From 2 years Ago!

I'm going to let these speak for themselves. Here are the statements and warnings from the National Weather Service 2 years ago as the ice storm was pounding Region 8. You can click to enlarge:
And after the storm passed, here is the Public Information Statement that shows how much ICE accumulated on the limbs and power lines! 2.00" of ICE on a power line is nuts! By the way, this is just the data from the NWS in Memphis which covers about half of Region 8. Big thanks to Phil Baker for pulling this up for me!
Enjoy the nice weather we have now! It may not be so nice next week!



Brian said...

Looks like we got the Blunt of that storm.. Well in the Memphis NWS Area

Jeremy said...

You should have ask John D. and I about how bad this storm was, we worked together for 12 hours on that Tuesday restoring power and then by the end of the day, just cutting lines that were laying across roads and highways.

Never in my life do I want to see that again.

Vonavie said...

This still brings a tear to my eye. That was a long 2 1/2 weeks with no power, 4 kids, 3 dogs and 2 cats in one master bedroom. Whew! And the laundry! Ah memories. But to see family and friends pool together to help each other out was the best part! Lots of fun cards, camp meals indoors, fun fun. But once was enough for me.