Wednesday, January 26, 2011

See Where It Snowed!

Let's compare the forecast to what we are seeing on the Satellite this morning. Click here to read the blog post about where the snow could fall (and how much) and then look at this morning's visible satellite:
Visible satellite is like being in space and taking a digital picture of the Earth. It can only be used in daylight and shows where clouds are, BUT it can also show us where snow is located. Click the above image to enlarge. You'll notice that the extreme eastern parts of Arkansas and the Missouri Bootheel got some snow. It also appears that there is a  little sliver of snow around the Woodruff/Cross/St. Francis County area. Look close!

How do I know that is snow and not cloud cover? It does not move when you loop it AND you can see the tributaries into the Mississippi River in West Tennessee.

Overall, I think the forecast panned out well if you look at blog post linked above. I'm not getting too excited though. We'll bust a snow forecast soon. Haha


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