Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Still On Track For Snow

Here's the morning NAM model. We're pretty confident that it will snow. Blue lines=Snow. There are still some questions on how much snow will fall. I'm thinking 1-3" is a good bet for Jonesboro, but 4" can't be ruled out.

This snow will fall during the daytime hours, so we will all get the joy of seeing it fall! Run to the store and clear the shelfs! LOL

By the way, it looks like MORE snow will come Sunday night into Monday!

We'll see you tonight!


Jamey said...

Oh my kids are so hoping for ALOT of snow. Is there going to be ice as well or just snow????
I hope everyone will be safe and warm and eats LOTS of snow cream

JustinandLaci said...

HAHA I thank you dearly for saying run to the stores and clear the shelves!!! *excited*