Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Return Flow?

You may have heard me talk about the "return flow" from time to time. I try to avoid using that term because it is not real conversational and really doesn't express what is really happening in the atmosphere. The above image is the BUFKIT program showing the model output of the GFS through 72 hours. I have plotted the winds from the surface and above to show you the "return flow" that should take place after this cool down we are feeling today. The timeline goes from RIGHT to LEFT. I have marked the cool northerly flow we are seeing today with the blue arrow and the warmer, more moist (return flow) with the yellow arrow. As this flow transitions, the axis of high pressure will move over. The CENTER of high pressure will be north of us, so the H that I have plotted on the graphic is a little deceiving. Regardless, I think you get the point.

The warmer air may help fuel some storms on Thursday. More blogging about that later today.


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