Monday, February 28, 2011

Strongest Earthquake in 35 Years

Last night, a 4.7 magnitude Earthquake hit the central part of Arkansas. It was the strongest earthquake since 1976, when a 5.0 struck near Marked Tree (see above map). Many people across Region 8 felt the Earthquake, including my family. Here's a heliocorder from Gosnell, AR showing the Earthquake. I'm sure you can see where it is on this graph:
The Earthquake in 1976 and the Earthquake last night are not the same though. The Earthquake in 1976 was long the New Madrid Fault. The Earthquake last night... well, I'm not sure what that is about. If you click here, you can see how many Earthquakes we have had in northern Faulkner County recently and you can see every Arkansas earthquake in history. I have some theories on why there have been so many Earthquakes in Central AR, but there's not enough scientific evidence to even mention it on the blog. Something is different than in years past though....

Did you feel it? What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment!


melba said...

Ryan...No, I did not feel it.
Did not know it till you posted it..thanks

chris said...

Well Nuclear Two was opened in 1978 and the quakes started sharply in 1982. Could something be happening due to the reactor?

I felt it at ASU.

chris said...

Arkansas Nuclear 2 opened in 1978. The quakes started sharply in 1982. Could that be due to something in the reactor?

Karen H. said...

I didn't feel it here in Caraway, AR, but I think my youngest daughter may have heard it. She was in her bed room and thought it was Thunder. Would like to hear your theory about the ones over in Faulkner County. I'm thinking that we are seeing the end of times where there are Earthquakes and can't tell the Season's apart. Have a great evening.

Karen Horton
Caraway, AR

Travis Mays said...

Hey Ryan. I definately felt it. I'm originally from Jonesboro but am a college student at UCA in Conway so the epicenter was only about 14 miles from us. It shook things around here pretty good. We also had a 3.8 afterschock about 15-20 minutes after the 4.7. There is a lot of speculation around here that it is the process of pumping water back into the ground by the drilling companys that is causing all the quakes recently.