Sunday, February 27, 2011


Within the past hour, we had one storm with lightning in Randolph County and earlier a storm had a tornado warning in TN. Besides that, it is quiet and we are waiting. The atmosphere is juiced up and ready, but we need a "push" to get the storms firing. I would hope that it does not come, but I doubt it.

In the above image, I have radar, dewpoints, and the current TORH index which is an experimental index to mark an environment conducive for tornadoes. Dewpoints are in the 60s and that's plenty of juice in the atmosphere. You probably felt that when you stepped outside. We're just waiting now....

There is a tornado ON THE GROUND as I type this blog entry on the Kansas and Oklahoma line. Those storms are from the same storm moving into Region 8 tonight.

Let's prepare, but hope for the best. Who knows, we may not even break into the Oscars Programming tonight. We'll see.



james' mom said...

dedicating Biggie's "Juicy" to you

Tigress said...

I'm hoping it justpassesus by.

Gemini2281 said...

I am torn between my love of storms and my fear of people being injured/killed in said storms. #InternalConflict