Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Look! Cold Front!

The above image (click to enlarge) shows the visible satellite and dewpoints. The line of clouds is the cold front! If you see a brief increase in clouds, it may be the cold front moving overhead!

Something that is VERY noticeable on this map is the dewpoint. The Dewpoints in NW Region 8 are in the 30s and they are in the 60s for Eastern Region 8. Get ready for some drier and cooler air!

I'm on vacation, but I was looking over some data and I thought this image was  back to my yard work! Our Spring has been filled with VBX (Spring Break VBS), Football Camp, and some much needed time with my family! I hope you guys are having a great Spring Break, too!


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Anonymous said...

When should we expect that to pass (in Jonesboro)?