Sunday, March 13, 2011

Office Wall

Someone told me a year or so back to decorate your office with things from your kids. On my desk, you will find things that they have made me and pictures. On the wall behind my desk, you will find pictures that they've colored. It's fun to show off the things that they do, but it also puts me in a good mood when I get to work! (See picture above) Beyond that... is questionable, but at least I start on a good note! LOL

So, let me pass along this to you too... Decorate your office with kid stuff!

Have a good week!
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mom said...

Wonderful other plus is that it reminds you who and what you are really working for; your family.
Other noble causes count, too.

Ann Onimous said...

Absolutely! My office has a lot of stuff my kids have done. That and all the pictures, as mom said above, remind me of why I work.