Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More on Tuesday

Most data suggests that we are going to be tracking severe storms again tomorrow. Timing and position varies among different datasets, but I feel pretty confident in more watches and warnings to be issued. The above image shows storms erupting between 4-7PM within some unstable air. These storms would likely be severe.
Between 7PM and 10PM, these storms move NE.Tornado warnings will be possible again and more heavy rain will aggravate the flooding problems.

I'm tired and I don't feel like posting much more, so GOOD NIGHT!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for coverage and keeping us informed. Get some much needed rest.

Craig Monette said...

Great Job last night by You and Justin and the behind the scenes crew. We always know we can count on you guys. Thanks Ryan, Justin and crew!!

Leigha from walnut ridge said...

thank you so much for last night. may God richly bless you/

Ashley said...

Way to go last night. We appreciate all that you guys do! Thank you for keeping us informed and safe. Sometimes we don't give you guys all the gratitute you deserve.