Monday, April 04, 2011

Nowcast, 7:45 AM Monday

*Breaking*: Damage reports coming in from Sharp County. Trees and Powerlines down, 7:55*

Click the image to enlarge. As I type this, strong storms are moving through parts of Region 8. We have Severe TS warnings from in the areas outlined in yellow. The larger map shows the big picture. A broken line of storms is moving East. As the day goes on, we are likely to see these storms get strong and that is what parts of TN, MS, and AL are in a moderate risk zone as outlined with a red line.

As I type this, we are starting to get a look at visible satellite, which can only be used in daylight. Because thunderstorms build up high, we can see the tops of the storms and the shadows they are casting on surrounding clouds. That will never get old to me... :)

Sarah is tracking the storms the storms this morning and I'm heading to work shortly.

Take care,

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