Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cold Air Funnels

If you look at the storm reports from today, you will notice that there are a cluster of red dots in Indiana and Ohio indicating tornadoes. While I suppose they are officially considered tornado reports, they are very weak tornadoes called cold air funnels. They do not form under the same conditions as full blown TORNADOES! They are skinny, rope-looking funnels that from a higher base and may not even have a thunderstorm associated with them! Since they form at a higher base, they typically do not reach the ground. In the rare instances they do touch down, they are weak and cause minimal damage. If you are wondering... yes we have had them here in Region 8.

Take a look at the upper-level map from this evening. The upper-low has been parked on the area that had the funnels...
So... why am I going on and on about some cold air funnels in Indiana and Ohio? It's because I think there is a CHANCE we could see some tomorrow. It's a small chance, but a chance. If you notice in the above image, there is some upper-level energy coming through Nebraska. That is heading our way and will be overhead late tomorrow as a better organized upper-low. See the map for tomorrow evening:
This low will help draw down a reinforcing shot of cold air for tomorrow night through Monday. I can't guarantee that we will have cold air funnels, but I can say it is possible. I want to blog about it now, in case people panic tomorrow evening. Once again, in the RARE chance that one touches down, it will be rather weak.

If you are reading this and you are in Alabama (my old stomping grounds), then you run the risk of cold air funnels on Monday.

Have a camera ready, just in case!

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