Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cooler Weather Ahead

It's been warm and muggy! We have highs in the 80s and a moist, SW flow has kept us a little humid. The above map shows what is happening in the upper-levels of the atmosphere. Notice the bullseye in Western Kansas? That is an upper-level low that is heading this way. It will bring some scattered storms and a pattern change that will cool us off.
By tomorrow, that low will be almost overhead. Our rain chances will be higher and the overall flow will be more westerly and northwestly, which will bring cooler weather to Region 8. If you notice, there is another upper-level low in Minnesota that will dive south to bring a reinforcing shot of cool air by the first of the week.
Monday' map shows that second upper-low overhead. We will struggle to make it out of the 60s in this pattern. While I love warm/hot weather, I'm going to enjoy this last little cool down too.

Have a great day. We'll be watching for a few strong storms tomorrow, but nothing too crazy... we hope.


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