Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Top Buttons Are Important!

I typically go to work with no tie one, but put one on right before the news.. I'm not a huge fan of ties. I like wearing suits and actually find them more comfortable than jeans, but ties are a little stuffy. Today, I go to put on my tie about 45 minutes before news time and the top button on my shirt is MISSING! I considered not wearing a tie on air, but I don't feel right doing that unless I have a blue shirt on. So, I go searching for a solutions. Back when Brandi Hodges worked at KAIT, she would take care of problems like this, but she left us for the library. So... I go searching for a sewing kit.

Craig, nope. Diana says maybe and searches her car... nope. Other employees in the newsroom.... nope, nope, and nope. So, I head to the other end of the building and stop by our Network Administrators's office. To my surprise, he has a sewing kit!!! Problem solved, right? Wrong... I'm not a seamstress!
I have 20 minutes to sew on a button, get dressed, tie a tie, mic up and be on the news. Somehow, some way... I got it done. I was a little worried all night that the button would pop off and my tie would look crazy, but it held together.

In the future, I'm going to have a sewing kit in the storm center, OR I'm going to buy one of these cool things:
Automatic Button Sewer- Click here

That would be a cool stocking stuffer! Anywho, I'm heading to bed soon. Tomorrow is my Friday!


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Darediva said...

Those Buttoneer things are okay in a pinch, but they leave one of those nylon things like price tags have on the inside of the garment. I'd hate to think of having one of those under a tie! You can get a cheaper sewing kit from Hancock Fabrics that will have scissors, needlethreader and extra buttons in it for practically nothing.