Friday, July 20, 2012

What Can We Do?

This morning I grabbed my iPhone when I awoke to check the latest news. I first notice a couple of Breaking News emails from the newsroom that caught my attention. I read on and realized someone shot up a theater in Colorado. I read a little more to see how planned out the attack was and that many innocent people were shot. My wife and I sat in bed shocked at the event.

I get up, click on KUSA from Denver to watch their online coverage and I hear someone say that it's time we take a more proactive approach to prevent attacks like this from happening. That sounds like a good plan, but what can we do?

Some say we need higher security, some say more noble citizens need gun permits, and some say we need higher penalties. All of those things might help, but I think we have a larger issue.

I'm a Christian, so I think we need to start with prayer. We need to be supportive of the teens and young adults in this world. We should guide them better. We should mentor. We should love. This starts at the the parental level. Too many parents are not guiding their kids. I really, really hope my wife and I are guiding our kids correctly to go into this crazy world.

Even if you are not a Christian, I think we can all agree that we need to do a better job of raising the kids around us. For those that slip through the cracks at home, hopefully they are getting guidance at school, at Church programs, at places like City Youth Ministries, and other places that are trying to change the world through the future of our youth.

While this guy was 24 that attacked the theater last night, he was still young. The young people in this world are hurting, who's there to help them? Hopefully, we all are. Sadly, this has also been a problem in our city lately. I pray for real change, but John 16:33 says we WILL have trouble. I just pray that it is limited.


Cloggingmymind said...

So true, Ryan! I totally agree that it starts with us praying, getting involved, and it starts at home with parents. But we have to be like the guy in "Courageous", out of our own comfort zones, being inconvenienced for God, so we can pour into the people around of us, all ages, especially young people. We have to invest in others.

Jody Brashears said...

AMEN!!! Prayer and reading the Bible are our guides. It's amazing to me that there have not been more comments on this. I pray everyday that my children follow Gods plan and I try everyday to lead them in the right direction. I pray for this country and this nation to turn to Jesus for direction. And I agree with Cloggingmymind we have to take a stand to show that we believe in Jesus and why he died on that cross. It was for us.