Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Warming Trend Starts NOW!

The sun is shining and we are at the start of WARMING TREND! To most people, that is good news. Take a look at this graph. It shows what the models are indicating for the next 7 days. The trend is upward:
If you look at the temperature anomalies today, you can see that we are 20 degrees below average:
By the end of next week, the models are showing us 20 degrees ABOVE average! Yes, this is a complete pattern change. This is a NW flow changing to a SW flow and it is warmer and more awesome!:
So, if you are doing the math, you are thinking... wait a minute... Is this showing that we will be NEAR 70 degrees at the end of next week. YES, that is what the data is indicating. Here's a snapshot of what the GFS is showing for temperatures at the end of next week (10 days or so):
While the pattern change appears to be fairly certain, seeing highs in the 70s is still not guaranteed. We are way too early for details like that, but it is looking better and better. Die Winter, Die. You can bet that I'll be watching this unfold and will hopefully keep a smile on my face.



Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? How could winter die so early? It's not even mid February! This is just rubbing salt in the wound at the lack of snow!

Anonymous said...

I'm just counting the days til Daylight Savings Time March 9th. Warmer weather or not :)

Evie said...

Possible weather changes of cool and hot uniting could create tornado's.